From Banyuwangi Return

Night trip from Banyuwangi for blue fire Ijen tours

A private tour package for Banyuwangi night trip to Ijen crater for Ijen blue fire tour or blue flame Ijen tours which will be combined with Ijen sunrise tours

  • From IDR 567.000 for 2pax

Ijen crater tour Banyuwangi

A round trip from Banyuwangi to Ijen crater with blue fire tour in Ijen crater with a private tour package

  • From IDR 743.400 for 2pax

Banyuwangi to Ijen Crater Tours Banyuwangi 2D

Banyuwangi travel with mount trekking & adventure tours for blue fire tours Ijen & Ijen Crater sunrise tours for 2 days trip in Banyuwangi & back to Banyuwangi

  • From IDR 1.335.600 for 2pax

Blue fire Ijen & sunrise Bromo back to Banyuwangi 2D

Blue fire tours in Ijen crater and sunrise view with Bromo tours from Banyuwangi,- and back to Banyuwangi within 2 nights - 2 days holiday trip package

  • From IDR 3.263.400 for 2pax

Trip for Ijen Bromo tours & back to Banyuwangi 3D

Java adventure trail for 3 days trip from Banyuwangi to get best experience for Ijen blue fire tours and the sunrise tours in Bromo then back to Banyuwangi

  • From IDR 3.414.600 for 2pax