Terms - Conditions

Terms - Conditions

Bromo tours combined with Ijen crater tour and other Indonesia travel package

bromo tours, bromo ijen tours, ijen bromo tours, bromo tours with ijen crater tourIt is an internet marketing for natural tours, Mount climbing tours and the holidays adventure in Indonesia especially in Java Island, such as: Mount Bromo tours, Ijen crater climbing with the blue fire tours, Yogyakarta tours, Borneo Orangutan tours, Bali Island tours, Komodo Island tours and other Indonesia travel package

We operates in the whole year for provide information and arrangement for eco tours and adventure holidays trip which is supported by experienced and knowledgeable our team for each destination of our tour program. We are local and expert tour operator where based in Java Island with branch refresentatives in Bali and Borneo in order we can provide best information and services for clients satisfaction as our goal.

Reservation: If you want to make reservation or need further information, Please do not hesitate to contact us via chat WhatsApp OR fill and submit the request form directly

Payment method: If you are realy interested to do a trip with us and in order you can get tour price with special offer (discount) and then as our certainty to process your request form shortly, please send NOW (Deposit 20%) via one of the online payment methods which will be sent automatically to your email address when you have sent the request form. Your deposit is also as our guarantee to process your reservation in advance

Cancellation and refund procedure: If you submit your cancellation as detail below:
>>> On the date of sending invoice to 15 days before trip date, get re-fund which reduces by the costs that we have paid

>>> On 14 days and before trip date and so on , - you will NOT get any refund

Additional info for Ijen crater tours: For clients/ tourist who wanna do Ijen crater hiking with possibility to do a blue fire tours,- Kindly read carefully the additional info below before you go

>>> Terms and conditions of blue fire tours in Ijen crater: If the weather is NOT good or you are tired or not allowed to do night climbing by local government or Ijen crater officer,- you can do the standard Ijen crater tours without seeing blue fire which starts from your accommodation after at 2 am,- so on.

>>> New regulation for Ijen crater hiking tours: There is new regulation for the visitor who wanna climb/ hike the Ijen crater. He/ She mush bring the health certificate/ letter which explains the visitor is without ashtma and heart problem. This regulation is valid starts on 6 Jan' 2024 (due to,- there was climber died in new year eve period caused by the heart attack).  You can obtain this certificate/ letter in where you are now or get it from the hospital or health clinic in your country or in colser area to Ijen crater, such as; in Banyuwangi or Bodowoso town by the latest on one day before you do Ijen crater hiking tours. 

Health requirements: 
>>> No allowed for pregnant, child under 5 YO, the people over 65 YO and with ashtma or heart problem to do Ijen crater hiking tours

>>> No specification skill needed to join in our trip. For Orangutan Borneo tour package or Bali to Komodo Island tours most of the food are Indonesian food, which will be served with hygiene consideration and healthy. To protect your skin from the sun and mosquito, please bring suntan lotion and repellent.

Permit and Entrance Tickets: For the tour package which includes with permit/ entrance ticket fees, you are required to send your copy of Passport or Kitas and flight tickets (if you have it) to obtain the police and the national park permits

Insurance: We suggest you to take your own insurance to cover yourself and to cover importance goods such as like camera and others (since the tour price that you will get, EXCLUDES travel insurance).

Lightweight Equipment: For our client’s who want to do expedition of tour package with us, we suggest to bring lightweight equipment just what you need in order you fell more comfortable