Bali trip to Bromo sunrise tours & to Yogya with a train 2D

Start from Bali to Bromo sunrise tour & to Yogya with a train 2D

Start from Bali Island and do overland trip to Mount Bromo in East Java for sunrise tours and enjoy best Bromo tour package from Bali via Gilimanuk ferry port in westernmost of Bali, then cross Bali strait with a ferry to Ketapang ferry port in Banyuwangi in easternmost of Java. Afterward, view the sunrise time with best poin in Mount Pananjakan in Bromo area, and we will proceed to enjoy Bromo climbing tour and  after that we will escort you Probolinggo train station to take a train leaving for Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta in Central Java as last destination for your tour package with us

Tour itinerary
Day 01: Start from Bali to Bromo hotel, East Java

Around at 08:00, our staff will pick you up from your hotel in Bali (Please let us know your hotel detail) then drive by an AC vehicle to reach Gilimanuk ferry port in the most western tip of Bali Island for about 3 - 4 hours driving. Afterward, we will take ferry for about 1-1,5 hours to reach Ketapang ferry port in the most eastern tip of Java Island. Upon arrival in Ketapang ferry port, we will continue our trip to reach to the Mount Bromo for about 5 - 7 hours driving with possible to stop at skirting the white sandy beach in Pasir Putih, Situbondo for having lunch at local restaurant which is located on the nearby beach. After having lunch at local restaurant, we will continue our trip to reach Mount Bromo area & upon your arrival in Mount Bromo, you will stay at the Lava View Lodge or similar hotel which is located in Mount Bromo area in around Tengger region for your accommodation before you enjoy sunrise and Bromo tour on the next early morning

Day 02: The sunrise tour Bromo - take a train from Probolinggo to Yogya   

Wake up in the early morning (around in the dawn time around at 03:30 am) and we will use a jeep which will be ready in the front of your hotel to start your trip to enjoy for Bromo sunrise tour which is located on the tengger region as known as a view point to see sunrise with its young volcanic including Mount Bromo and an active Mount Semeru as background. If it is not foggy, the sunlight when the sunrise will play light shadow which it come up from the sidelines of the mountains and it will give impression like unforgettable thing on mind and heart as a creation from the God. You can choose one of the places to see sunrise in Mount Bromo such as

  • Mount Pananjakan or Gunung Penanjakan is known well as the best place for view point of Bromo Sunrise in Tengger region. Mt Penanjakan is a major viewing point for all tourists who visited Mount Bromo to enjoy sunrise tours Bromo. It means this place will be crowded on the season of holiday or on the weekend
  • King Kong hill or Bukit King Kong: If you visit to Mount Bromo, on weekends, or holidays, so at Bromo very crowded with visitors. I suggest you go to the other viewpoint (king kong hill) is a good place to see the sunrise time and Bromo crater, on the an altitude of about 2600 meters
  • Love hill of Bromo or Bukit Cinta Bromo: is an alternative place to see the stunning beauty for sunrise time on the Mount Bromo. Just like King Kong hill, the spot of love hill is also less well-known than the main spot named "the view point 1" or Mount Penanjakan (the 1st summit climbing), where the most clear view of the sunrise on Mount Bromo can be seen from this spot. However, if you got that Mount Penanjakan is too crowded of other tourists, you can choose Love Hill as a good alternative besides King Kong hill

After a short break & take pictures, our jeep will bring us to continue our trip to reach the parking area for 4WD vehicle (jeep) by passing the amazing view on the slope of Mount Bromo, then from parking area you are required to cross the seas of sand on the slope of Mount Bromo by horse riding or on foot (it is optional) till reach to the stairs up (more than 250 stairs) on the bottom of Mount Bromo which it will lead you to reach to the peak of Mout Bromo. After a short break & take pictures on the top on Mount Bromo with amazing view of Bromo crater, we will go back to the hotel by passing the same route as your have done to reach to the top of Mount Bromo. Afterward, you will spend your time for breakfast, take shower, loading your luggage in to the vehicle and then we will continue our trip to transfer you out the Probolinggo train station to take a train leaving for Yogyakarta in Central Java

Price is included:
~ The pick-up service from Bali
~ A private car with AC, driver and fuel 
Ferry tickets from Java to Bali Island
~ Mineral water, fees of toll'road + parking

~ Jeep vehicle for sunrise and Bromo tour 
~ Train ticket from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta
English tour guide (depends on order)
~ 1 night Bromo stay (depends on order) 

Price is not included:
~ Entrance tickets in Bromo
Travel insurance, meals, additional tour
Horse riding to cross the seas of sand Bromo
~ Other tour program during the tour package 

Entrance ticket: During this tour package, you are required to do booking/ buying in advance (online) for entrance tickets in Bromo with cost as follow
# Bromo ticket 
   * IDR 227K/ pax on working days
   * IDR 327K/ pax on weekend - holidays

Additional information
Should bring:
Trekking shoes, warm clothes 
Optional tour program during Bromo tour package from Bali: If you still have enough time with good weather during Bromo tour package above, you will have a chance to do optional tour programs, such as: Bromo Milky Way tour, Madakaripura waterfall tour with (terms/ conditions) extra cost as attached

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